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showcasing artists who bring a new energy to classical music, taking the genre beyond its history and presenting it in fresh contexts

"The debut of Classical Unlocked's showcase at SXSW 2023 was a highlight for us. This year's lineup promises to be equally compelling as they showcase a range of what classical music can be--from traditional to modern, ambient to electronic, Hindustani to Arabic-infused, and more. We believe our attendees will be surprised by what they see and hear."
- James Minor, VP, SXSW Music Festival

Past Showcases

Classical music, long perceived as elitist and inaccessible, remains on the fringes of mainstream culture. The traditional concert setting often creates a barrier between artists and audiences, with its formal atmosphere and limited scope for interaction. Classical Unlocked aims to dismantle these barriers and bring classical music to new audiences in innovative and engaging ways.  We envision a scenario where classical music is a regular part of mainstream festivals and conferences globally, enjoyed not only by seasoned enthusiasts but by a wider audience. 

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2023 performers

Artists from traditional classical right through to alternative classical; with blends of rock, soul, jazz and RnB.


Kaitlyn Raitz & Friends


Kyle P. Walker

Alexandra Whittingham


AyseDeniz Gokcin




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